Is This the One Cure for All the Degenerative Diseases That Plague...

Is This the One Cure for All the Degenerative Diseases That Plague Us?


A recent article by Dr. Joseph Mercola reminds us that more people die from chronic disease today than from every other cause combined. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that 36 million people die annually from degenerative disease, and the high cost of healthcare forces 100 million into poverty each year. Dr. Mercola attributes many of these diseases to a deficiency in micronutrients, and he recommends juicing as the first line of defense.

For people who find it difficult to consume enough vegetables, the price of a good juicer is an excellent investment in your health. Drinking live, fresh juice is tantamount to getting an intravenous infusion of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Because the nutrients go straight into your body without having to be processed by your digestive system, it can produce rapid and profound health benefits.

Juicing expert Jason Vale designed an experiment to demonstrate whether juicing can actually reverse disease. He recruited eight people who suffered collectively from more than 20 separate chronic diseases. He put them on a regimen of consuming only juice, along with exercise. Then he filmed their experience, and called his documentary, “Super Juice Me.”

The results experienced by the eight participants were remarkable. Each participant lost weight while maintaining a high energy level. Most reported a sharp reduction in both their symptoms and in the number of medications they required. One participant went from taking 52 prescription pills daily to two pills. Another had a complete resolution of his diabetes.

One female participant, who had suffered from chronic pain for years, was pain free by the end of the experiment. Others who had asthma, colitis, and sleep apnea also reported a profound reduction in symptoms.

The participants were frequently uncomfortable, experiencing detoxification reactions, food cravings, and in some cases, a temporary increase in symptoms. The discomfort was short-lived, however, and the participants soon reported they felt better than they had in years.

Dr. Mercola addressed the issue of protein and healthy fats, both important nutritional considerations. He said that vegetables actually contain a healthy amount of protein. Broccoli offers approximately four to give grams of protein per cup. Spinach offers five to six grams, and kale and other greens have a generous amount of protein, as well. The important thing is to drink juice throughout the day, so that you can easily consume 20 to 30 grams of protein from the juice alone.

If you plan an extended fast, such as the one presented in the film, you may want to add a source of high-quality protein such as whey, particularly if you will be doing vigorous exercise.

Healthy fats can be added by including avocado, coconut oil ore extra virgin olive oil, as well as raw flax, chia or hemp seeds. Mercola says to consider juice not as a beverage, but as liquid food. The way to get the nutrients your body needs is to consume a high volume of vegetables through juicing. He recommends consuming some juice daily, and he also emphasizes the benefits of a three to seven-day monthly juice fast that will provide a great detox, as well as giving you an overall health boost.

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