How to Use Your Phone To Lower Cholesterol

How to Use Your Phone To Lower Cholesterol


Cholesterol levels are notoriously high in the United States, thanks to the country’s abundance of fatty fare. In fact, 1 in 3 Americans have high cholesterol. This puts them at a greater risk of heart attack and stroke.

Luckily, if you own a smartphone, you can download a variety of apps that can help hold you accountable and keep your cholesterol in check.

Here are a few of them:

Cholesterol Food Reference

This one’s just for iPhone users (sorry Android) and costs just $1.99. This handy app helps you discover the amount of cholesterol hiding in a vast assortment of foods, including 200+ grocery store items and 100+ fast food options.


Free for both Android and iPhone, the MyFitnessPal app allows you to track how much cholesterol you’re taking in, as well as your protein, fats, carbs, sugars, and more. Thanks to its extensive database, it “knows” the nutritional information of over 6 million foods (including those from restaurants). You can even plug in the ingredients of your favorite recipe and calculate it yourself.


Free for iPhone and Android users, MyNetDiary is able to track almost all things health-related for you. These include your current medications, nutrients, meal plans, test results, workout regimes, and more.

These aren’t the only apps out there to help you keep tabs on your health. Here are seven more options that can help you keep your cholesterol, your weight, and your health in check:

  • Foodvisor
  • Fooducate
  • Smart Blood Pressure
  • Vida Health
  • HowUdish
  • Nutrients
  • Shop Well