Healthy Aging Influenced By What You Do To This Organ

Healthy Aging Influenced By What You Do To This Organ


Researchers have been discovering an absolutely astonishing fact about human gut bacteria. According to their findings from the study, seniors that are extremely healthy have largely the same gut bacterial composition as healthy 30-year-olds.

This discovery came from studying the gut health of over 1,000 healthy people, all between 3 and 100 years of age.

These participants each met the criteria for being “extremely healthy.” Neither they nor their families have diseases, and they do not drink, smoke, or currently use any antibiotics or prescription drugs.

In addition, none of the participants have a family history of neurological, cardiometabolic, or gastrointestinal diseases.

According to the findings, the microbial composition of the seniors who are extremely healthy have strong resemblance to their equally healthy, but much younger counterparts.

The researchers also came to the realization that by and large microbiota was extremely similar between participants ages 30-100. Significant differences were only shown in individuals 20 years old and younger.

In addition, the microbial composition found in men was “more variable” than those found in women.

Because of these findings, researchers are facing  a curious set of questions. Is aging better purely a result of eating well and staying active? Or is the state of the bacteria in your gut the ultimate cause of aging well (or not)?

Regardless, this study shows an undeniable correlation between healthy aging and a healthy gut.

According to Medical News Today: