Fuel Your Workouts with Green Juice

Fuel Your Workouts with Green Juice


Legendary Ironman champion Hillary Biscay has completed sixty Ironman events, and she also specializes in Ultraman triathlons. During her most intense training periods, she may spend as much as forty hours every week swimming, biking and running.

Obviously, her body needs some serious fuel, especially during and after workouts. People are often surprised to hear she eats a plant-based diet. She says green juice is her secret weapon. In a recent article, she shared five reasons she believes green juice meets her nutritional needs:

1. It’s a natural source of electrolytes.

One of Biscay’s favorite ways of working out is taking long swims of 6.2 miles, which takes about two and a half hours to complete. She relies on the 100 percent natural electrolytes in coconut water to replace the fluid and electrolytes she loses underwater.

2. I can minimize my processed sugar intake during workouts.

Experience has taught Biscay it is critical to get consistent fuel during the first hour of any long workout. Drinking natural fresh organic juice means she doesn’t have to consume sports drinks filled with sugar.

3. It’s easy and portable.

When it’s not convenient to juice at home, it is easy to pick up fresh-pressed juices at a local grocery store or juice bar. In addition to her sports training, Biscay owns two businesses. She enjoys the ease of grabbing a bottle of fresh juice to keep herself going throughout the day.

4. Juice is an easy way to get greens.

Leafy greens are one of the healthiest foods available, and it is sometimes difficult to pack enough into your diet. Grinding them into green juice ensures you get adequate stores of iron, which keeps your energy level high.

5. It’s a recovery aid.

Juices allow you to incorporate a substantial portion of your daily intake of fruits and vegetables into one drink. A green drink provides the many vitamins and minerals that help athletes (and the rest of us) recover from physical exertion, and maintain a strong performance every day.

As a top athlete in perhaps the most demanding sport in the world, Biscay has learned not to rely on artificially flavored, colored and high-sugar drinks or gels for fuel. When she did, she experienced a crash during the second half of races. Today, she depends on “real food.” In addition to her favorite, coconut water, she includes spinach and vegan protein concentrate. That takes her across the finish line in events, and in her daily life.