Fight Type II Diabetes With This Relaxing Exercise

Fight Type II Diabetes With This Relaxing Exercise


Many people that have been diagnosed with Type II diabetes meet this diagnosis with terror. After all, this disease entails a lifetime of managing blood sugar levels and the way the body deals with glucose.

However, the diagnosis of Type II diabetes doesn’t have to be a death sentence. In fact, through the practice of yoga, these health concerns can become much more manageable.

The art of yoga has been practiced for thousands of years by people all over the world. Its mass appeal is largely due to the relaxation that stems from the stretching exercises, as well as the other vast array of positive health benefits the moves provide.

According to Medical News Today, some of these health benefits include:

Lowering stress levels

“A study in the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology found that yoga can improve specific chemical balances in the brain to help reduce stress levels.

This is important for people who have diabetes because some evidence suggests that stress may play a role in the onset and management of diabetes, according to a review in Diabetes Spectrum.

Improving emotional well-being

In addition to strengthening the body, yoga can also improve a person’s mental well-being.

Practicing yoga can help people to develop deep breathing ability and the mind-body connection.

This is a form of mindfulness that helps people to stay in the present moment, which may reduce anxiety and improve emotional well-being.

Improving strength and balance

Most yoga practices involve a number of poses that improve a person’s strength, flexibility, and balance.

Improving heart health

A review in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation states that “yoga can be beneficial” in preventing cardiovascular disease.

Yoga can be modified to an individual’s fitness level and ability. This makes it an attractive choice for people who are just beginning a workout plan. It is also low-impact and can often be done at home with little cost involved.”

Yoga is an incredible practice that, when used safely and consistently, can provide much-needed relief and well-being to those with type II diabetes.

When coupled with other practices, such as regular cardio and weight exercises, as well as healthy and mindful eating, yoga can become a part of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Regardless of the style of yoga, it is important to consult a doctor before beginning an exercise routine, and to start slowly, working up to more difficult moves as strength progresses.

It’s also important to remember that yoga moves can be altered to fit the needs and flexibility of each person. Stretches should be felt, but physical pain should not. Therefore, users should adjust accordingly to ensure they are practicing with their body’s well-being in mind.