Drinking Caffeine Could Stop The Pounds From Piling On

Drinking Caffeine Could Stop The Pounds From Piling On


By: Annie Morgan

Many people drink their coveted cups of coffee at the beginning of the day to get an energy boost, but as it turns out there could be a new health benefit.

Mate tea and other caffeine products are known for their health benefits – and many health-conscious folks sip herbal tea throughout the day.

And as a bonus – some studies on lab rats now reveal drinking caffeine could actually stop you from gaining weight!

Caffeine Consumption And Weight Gain

A month-long study was conducted testing different types of caffeine on rats – vs. decaffeinated extracts.

The rats were fed a diet high in sugar and tested to see if drinking caffeine helped combat the effects of their poor diet.

As it turns out, the rats that consumed caffeine ended up seeing a noticeable result contrasted with those who did not.

Medical News Today reported:

“The team fed six groups of rats a high-fat, high-sugar diet for 28 days. In addition, they supplemented the diet of five of the groups with one of the following: synthetic caffeine, mate tea containing caffeine, caffeine extracted from mate tea, caffeine extracted from coffee, and decaffeinated mate tea.

The amount of caffeine was equivalent to the amount that humans ingest from drinking 4 cups of coffee per day.

After 28 days, there was a marked difference in lean body mass among the six groups of rats.

The rats that had consumed caffeine from any source had gained less body fat than their counterparts in the noncaffeine group.”

With so many medical professionals telling people to stop drinking coffee – these results show drinking caffeine does have health benefits!

In addition, this reveals yet another reason why drinking decaf coffee is pointless!

Additional Research

Many people gain weight due to lipid buildup in fat cells.

Researchers were curious to see if drinking caffeine would affect this as well – and the results showed it did.

The study showed drinking caffeine decreased lipid buildup in a “massive way” and was effective regardless the method of caffeine.

Medical News Today reported:

“These tests revealed that lipid buildup in fat cells decreased by 20–41%, regardless of the type of caffeine.

Examination of genes relevant to lipid metabolism and obesity also revealed that caffeine reduced the expression of certain genes.”

If you are drinking coffee on the keto plan – consider bulletproof coffee – loaded with even more healthy ingredients like coconut or MCT oil.

Not The Ultimate Solution To Obesity

Of course, this is not suggesting a person should eat a diet full of sugar and carbs and think drinking coffee will maintain their health.

The key to avoiding obesity is to eat a diet full of healthy greens and protein – and make sure to get enough exercise.

However, despite some in the medical community trying to villainize caffeine, this latest study shows caffeine can actually be an added bonus in helping one to lose weight.

As an added bonus, add daily coffee consumption to your intermittent fasting plan – and you’re bound to see an even greater effect!

Were you surprised to learn consuming caffeine can help reduce obesity?

How much caffeine do you consume each day?

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