Don’t Want Heart Disease? Fixing This Belly Issue Could Help

Don’t Want Heart Disease? Fixing This Belly Issue Could Help


Chances are you’re aware that everything in your body is connected.

What goes on in your arteries can affect your brain. What you absorb through your skin can affect organs like the kidney and the liver.

And a recently released drug that helps to heal your guy may help prevent heart disease.

Heart disease is a leading killer in Western society.

And while there are a host of issues that ultimately lead to the development of cardiovascular disease, one of the ones most people aren’t aware of has to do with healing the gut.

Your gut is loaded with bacteria whose primary role is to help assimilate food into useable parts which multiple organs use for total health.

Problem is, if your gut and the bacteria living in there aren’t healthy they can release some nasty chemicals into your bloodstream. And the presence of those bacteria can have pronounced negative effects on your heart.

An Unhealthy Gut turns These Nutrients Into Toxic Chemicals

A team of researchers from the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio conducted a recent study to see just how a dangerous chemical released into the body effects heart health.

The chemical, which is called atrimethylamine N-oxide or TMAO is the byproduct of the breakdown of essential nutrients like choline, lecithin, and carnitine.

These nutrients are found in high-fat dairy products, egg yolk, liver, and red meat.

The problem with this chemical is it shouldn’t be there in the first place.

An overabundance of bad bacteria in the gut are the generators of this chemical.

And when they start releasing excessive amounts of TMAO it ends to increase platelet reactivity, or how “sticky” platelets are, and thrombosis, or clotting potential.

Which can affect heart health negatively.

The team wished to see how they could counteract and even control the emission of TMAO.

Using mice subjects, the researchers introduced a choline analog into the mice’s bodies to see how TMAO was emitted. This analog is structurally similar to choline, which as you remember is the nutrient that makes the emit TMAO in the first place.

When the bacteria ingest the analog, something amazing happened.

Instead of emitting high-levels of TMAO as would normally happen in choline consumption… the analog blocked the bacteria from making TMAO in the first place.

This led to significantly reduced circulating TMAO levels.

Just one dose of this analog drove down TMAO levels for 3 days. It also lowered platelet responsiveness and excessive clot formation following arterial injury.

All of which correspond to superior heart protection.

The researchers are hopeful they could create a drug people can take to reduce TMAO emissions.

While the hope is admirable… there is a better solution.

Get rid of the bad bacteria.

Do this and TMAO won’t be there in the first place.

The process is actually quite simple.

Supplement with a probiotic, and eat primarily non-processed foods without additives and consume foods rich in prebiotics and you can alter your gut bacteria in a positive way.

See? Simple and no drugs required.