Dangerous Ingredient In “Healthy Sodas” Linked To Serious Health Issues

Dangerous Ingredient In “Healthy Sodas” Linked To Serious Health Issues


With all the evidence pointing out how bad high fructose corn syrup is, it’s shocking that it’s still even allowed. You’ll find it everywhere. Ketchup. Yogurt. Soda – the list goes on and on. Some people have tried to avoid it in soda by switching to Diet Soda.

However, diet soda actually hasn’t been doing so hot in the health ratings these days either. Research has continued to prove that the aspartame in diet soda is linked to cancers.

The largest study ever done was put together by researchers from the University of Iowa. They determined heart disease increased in abusers of diet soda.

Drinking two or more diet drinks a day may increase the risk of heart disease, including heart attack and stroke, in otherwise healthy postmenopausal women, according to a new University of Iowa study. The findings were presented March 30 at the American College of Cardiology’s 63rd Annual Scientific Session in Washington, D.C.

The study, which analyzed diet drink intake and cardiovascular health in almost 60,000 women participating in the Women’s Health Initiative Observational Study, found that compared to women who never or only rarely consume diet drinks, those who consume two or more a day are 30 percent more likely to have a cardiovascular event and 50 percent more likely to die from related disease.

That’s not all. A Massachusets General Hospital study tracked mice which drank aspartame-laced water. The researchers discovered the rodents actually gained weight. Mass. General and Harvard Medical School Professor of Surgery Richard Hodin, the senior author explained that aspartame interferes with an enzyme in the gut which helps mice lose weight.
He indicated that since the enzyme was blocked by aspartame, the effects are weight gain, obesity, and even the onset of diabetes.

Aspartame has even been linked to brain tumors. Several studies, while dated at this point, still point to aspartame as a factor in causing tumors in the brain. A study abstract hosted on NCBI’s website said this:

Compared to other environmental factors putatively linked to brain tumors, the artificial sweetener aspartame is a promising candidate to explain the recent increase in incidence and degree of malignancy of brain tumors. Evidence potentially implicating aspartame includes an early animal study revealing an exceedingly high incidence of brain tumors in aspartame-fed rats compared to no brain tumors in concurrent controls

If you consume aspartame in any form, whether that be in a diet drink or if you’re adding a blue or pink packet to your water, you should stop now. It’s unsafe and there are multiple studies to back it up. Switch to honey or stevia for water and cut out sodas-diet and regular- and switch to water. You need to flush those toxins that have slowly accumulated!