Add These Healthy Seeds to Your Diet

Add These Healthy Seeds to Your Diet


Like nuts, seeds are a healthy source of protein, minerals and other important nutrients. Here is a variety of seeds, including some you may not have tried. Enjoy experimenting!

Chia Seeds – These are considered a true superfood. Just two tablespoons of chia seeds have almost ten grams of fiber. Grind these in a blender, and sprinkle them on yogurt. They can be soaked in juice or almond milk; they will swell and soften, and reach the consistency of pudding.

Wild Rice – Wild rice is actually a grass seed, higher in protein than grain and containing thirty times more antioxidants than white rice. It’s also high in folate, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin B6 and niacin.

Pumpkin Seeds – These make a tasty, healthy snack, rich in magnesium for heart health, muscle strength, and digestion.

Pomegranate Seeds – These are the sweet little red beads on the inside of the pomegranate fruit. They are a good source of vitamin C and antioxidants, with fewer than 150 calories. Add them to a salad or include them in a grain dish.

Quinoa – Quinoa is a complete protein that offers eight grams per cup. Cooked, it resembles rice and can be substituted for pasta.

Flax Seeds – Human consumption of these little seeds goes back to 9,000 BCE. Flaxseeds provide omega-3 fatty acids as well as fiber, and they have a nutty taste.

Hemp Seeds – These also have a mild, nutty taste and ten grams of protein per cup. Use them whole on salads or added to cooked dishes, or try hemp milk in place of dairy.

Sunflower Seeds – An ounce of these tasty seeds provide half your daily requirement of vitamin E. They are a good source of healthy fats, and you can snack them right out of the bag.

Sesame Seeds – These seeds are a highly versatile source of healthy fats. They can be sprinkled on dishes, or you can eat them in the form of sesame oil or hummus.