6 Natural Supplements For Better S-E-X

6 Natural Supplements For Better S-E-X


When you were young, you were like a stallion.  You could run on full throttle, not get tired, and  come back for more.  Now, you’re more like llama.  You’re slow, stubborn to rise, and less attractive.   Losing your youth is not only a bummer when it comes to functioning in life, but specifically in the sack.  And a little blue pill might help you out, but there are side effects that seem downright scary (like an erection which lasts for more than four hours, resulting a doctor taking  a scalpel to your manhood and slicing open its underbelly).

Mother Nature has a few tricks up her sleeve that will get you back to your teenage years…. well, close.

Horny Goat Weed- A Chinese herb which might affect the hormone levels in the body and give you more blood flow through your organs. This herb hasn’t been studied on humans, but The Journal of Sexual Medicine indicated that’s how rats reacted.

Gingko- Gingko also dilates blood vessels, encouraging blood flow to the penis. The Mayo Clinic ranked this supplement as average in treating ED, but Columbia University research showed promise for the herb in reversing serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRs) which generally treat depression, but have side effects including sexual dysfunction.

L-Arginine- This amino acid increases nitric oxide in the body. Nitric Oxide is a vasodilator, meaning it makes blood vessels larger. Blood can flow more easily through the body when NO is present, which could lead to erections under the right circumstances.

Journal of Sexual and Marital Therapy reported a study that paired l-arginine and pycnogenol. After 3 months, 37 out of 40 men reported normal erections after suffering from ED.

Red Ginseng– Another herb used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for ED, there is not much understanding of how the herb works. But that doesn’t stop it’s effectiveness. A systematic review of 20 databases full of randomized clinical studies were read and reviewed by a team of scientists. After review, the researchers concluded Red Ginseng was more powerful at treating ED than a placebo.

Yohimbe- This herb collected from bark of African trees increases libido and sexual motivation. Doctors often rX’d Yohimbe before the little blue pill was commonly available. However with side effects like high blood pressure, rapid heart rate and anxiety, it has fallen out of favor in recent years.

DHEA-, short for dehyrdoepiandrosterone is a hormone found naturally within the body. As you age, the natural levels of DHEA are reduced. Supplementing with synthetic DHEA might boost hormones that lose influence with agenfluential with age and repopulate lost levels in the body.

These are some supplements which can help with sexual satisfaction. As an older male, you can also do squats with weight and pull-ups to activate the largest muscle groups in your body-legs and back. Doing exercises like those will result in your body producing  testosterone, which is the number one hormone for controlling sexual function.

Always consult a physician before engaging in a new exercise or supplement routine.