5 Weird But Healthy Things You Can Do With Coffee

5 Weird But Healthy Things You Can Do With Coffee


Coffee is many things to many people.

For some, it’s the only thing that makes a morning before 6am tolerable.

For others, it’s beverage they enjoy to taste… the subtle nuances in flavor bordering how they would approach wine, and fine cheese.

And for others, it is the fuel that keeps them going when they’re required to push forward through work and school.

What you might be surprised to know is coffee offers a few additional health benefits other than just giving a quick “pick me up.”

5 Weird But Healthy Things You Can Do With Coffee

1 – You Can Exfoliate With It:

If you want to get bright, glowing skin, a dose of coffee on the face can help. Coffee grounds can be used as an exfoliant. This means you can scrub the coarse grounds on your face and they will remove stuck on skin off of your face.

This can help add a bright, youthful glow to subdued skin.

Since it’s slightly acid, the coffee grounds won’t just help to remove dead skin cells, they’ll also help to dissolve built up layers of oil and grease, which are known to give the skin a dull, flat appearance.

2 – May Reduce Cellulite:

Cellulite is a bane to many men and women.

Cellulite is a persistent subcutaneous fat causing dimpling of the skin, especially on women’s hips and thighs.

It’s quite hard to get rid of too.

Studies show that coffee, rich in caffeine, may help to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Studies show that products with caffeine and a few other ingredients found in coffee can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite significantly.

There are also reports that using it as a topical exfoliant helps to smooth skin and stimulate blood flow.

3 – Great In Foot Baths:

If you want clean feet, really clean feet that is, coffee may help.

Many people use coffee in foot baths to help clean their feet while also smoothing and softening the tough skin of the foot.

The abrasive quality of the grounds can be used to remove dead skin cells and it’s believed that caffeine will increase blood flow in the feet which can help relax the tissue.

If you want to make a foot bath from coffee do the following:

Make 1-2 pots of coffee.

Mix the the coffee as well as the grounds into a foot basin.
Give the coffee some time to cool, but make sure it’s still warm when you use it.
Place your feet in the coffee, and use take the grounds and scrub away dead skin cells with them.

4: Improve Hair and Scalp Health:

Coffee place in the hair and on the scalp is actually a great way to improve the health of both.
According to Medical News today.

The scalp and hair are naturally acidic. Scientists measure the acidity of a substance using the pH scale.

The lower the pH value, the more acidic a substance is. A pH value of under 7.0 is considered acidic, while a pH above 7.0 is basic, or alkaline. Hair fibers have a pH of 3.67, while the scalp has a pH of 5.5.

Using hair products that have a higher pH value than the hair may result in dullness, frizziness, and damage.

Coffee is naturally acidic. The American Dental Association gives a pH value of 5.11 to the medium roast of a major brand.

Applying coffee to the hair can be a great way to help rebalance the pH levels of the hair and scalp.

Try rinsing the hair with cold, brewed coffee or rubbing coffee grounds into the scalp. This can also help to scrub away dead skin cells from the scalp.

This is really just a handful of alternative uses for coffee that can actually improve your health.

Best of all?

You don’t need to use expensive coffee for this to work, the cheap stuff will do just fine.