3 Ways to Slenderize Your Arms

3 Ways to Slenderize Your Arms


It is a great feeling to lose weight. But for many women, even when you drop pounds, there are problem areas. Arms are often one of those areas. If you are finding it difficult to tone and slenderize your arms, here are some exercises you may want to add to your fitness regimen.

Arm-Strengthening and Toning Exercises

1. Tricep Push-Ups

For these push-ups, place your hands below your shoulders, shoulder width apart. Spread your fingers and put your weight equally on both hands. Squeeze your abdominals and extend your legs straight behind you, then rise on to the balls of your feet. Activate the muscles of your legs and push out from your heels. Keep the lower back straight.

2. Tricep Chair Dips

Put a chair against a wall with the seat facing toward you (or use the edge of a table or a workout bench). Stand one to two feet in front of the edge of the chair, facing the opposite direction. Put your hands behind you, shoulder width apart, and grip the edge of the chair with your fingers. Bend your knees at a right angle and inhale as you bend your elbows, bringing your bottom toward the floor. Exhale as you raise your body back to its original position. Do not hyperextend your elbows.

3. Dumbbell Tricep Kickbacks

Hold a free weight in your right hand. Rest your left hand and your bent left leg on the exercise bench. Keep your back straight. Form a right angle between your forearm and upper arm, keeping your head up and your neck straight. Exhale and, using your triceps, lift the weight until your right arm is fully extended behind you. Limit movement to your forearm; do not use your left hand or legs. When you have fully extended your right arm, pause and inhale. Then exhale as you bring the free weight back into the original position.

Sports to Strengthen Arm Muscles

Beyond the exercises described above, you can tone and slenderize the muscles of your arms through sports. Tennis is a good total body workout that builds arm muscles. Rowing and kayaking get you out into nature and they build your arm muscles as well as your core. If you’re not ready to go out on the water, try the rowing machine at the gym. Boxing is a high-intensity sport that works your whole body, with special attention to your arms.