3 Nutrients Every Person Over 50 Needs WAY More Of

3 Nutrients Every Person Over 50 Needs WAY More Of


screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-3-07-39-pmAs we age, our bodies slow down in more ways than one. We don’t have the suppleness we had as youths. Our appetite decreases. And our body’s systems start slowing down.

This slowing process has a direct effect on our health because of the way we take in and absorb vitamins. And as a senior, it’s especially important to get vitamins incorporated with our diets because otherwise your body will start leeching them from your bones.

This is how you end up with brittle unhealthy bones.

So to counter that you should be getting plenty of nutrients from dark, leafy greens, eggs, meats, fruits, and vegetables. Considering our incomes don’t always leave a lot of wiggle room, you also should be taking advantage of the free vitamins.

That’s right. One of the most important vitamins you need as an aging adult is Vitamin D. Sometimes referred to as the Sunshine vitamin, this nutrient helps beat back depression, fights cancer, and helps absorb calcium, and helps keep bones healthy When taking Vitamin D, you should also be supplementing with calcium

Calcium is found in green foods like spinach, kale, and collards. Calcium is good for bone density, strong teeth, and healthy synapsis Calicum is also available in milk, but the negatives of dairy might outweight the positives of the calcium. Dairy is linked to prostate cancer, food allergies and asthma.

Vitamin K is also a vitamin that compliments Vitamin D and Calcium. In fact, studies have shown that if you are taking Vitamin D and calcium, but are not introducing enough Vitamin K into your diet, your body will have a hard time absorbing them.

According to Kate Rheaume-Bleue, who authored the “The Calcium Paradox,”

Vitamin K2 works by activating a number of special proteins that move calcium around the body. Specifically, k2 activates a protein called osteocalcin, which attracts calcium into bones and teeth, where calcium is needed. K2 activates another protein called matrix GLA protein (MGP), which sweeps calcium out of soft tissues like arteries and veins, where the mineral is unwanted and harmful.

So if you make it a point to get these three supplements, you will fight back brittle bones, fight cancer, and depression. Aging doesn’t have to end up with broken bones and weak teeth. With wholesome food, nutrients, and exercise, it can be quite graceful.