12 Reasons Why Everything You Learned About Milk As a Kid Is...

12 Reasons Why Everything You Learned About Milk As a Kid Is Absolutely Wrong


Most of us grew up being told to drink our milk.  The white stuff occupied a sacred spot in our refrigerators, our school cafeterias, and the minds of our parents.  Dairy products were a crucial component of the government’s nutrition pyramid, and the dairy industry spent millions and millions in advertising dollars asking us, “Got milk?”

In recent years, however, the milk myth has eroded in the face of numerous scientific studies. We are learning that the promises offered on behalf of milk may in fact not be true. A large study conducted in Sweden determined that women who consumed more than three glasses of milk daily had almost twice the mortality rate over 20 years, compared to women who consumed less than one glass each day.  Also, the high milk drinkers did not experience improved bone health. In reality, they had more fractures, especially hip fractures.

The same study did find that fermented milk products such as cheese and yogurt did significantly reduce mortality and fractures among women. For each daily serving of fermented milk products, the rate of mortality and hip fractures declined by 10 – 15 percent. The researchers attribute the negative effects of milk on D-galactose. D-galactose is a breakdown product of lactose which has been shown to increase inflammation. Milk is much higher in D-galactose than either cheese or yogurt.

Research offers twelve other important cautions about dairy consumption:

1.  Higher dairy intake has been linked to an increased risk of prostate cancer. This has been demonstrated in observational studies across countries as well as within single populations.

2.  Higher dairy intake has been linked to a higher risk of ovarian cancer in observational cohort studies.

3.  The protein in cow’s milk may play a role in triggering type 1 diabetes.

4.  Throughout the world, populations that eat more dairy have higher rates of multiple sclerosis.

5.  Dairy protein has been shown to increase IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor-1) levels. These higher levels have been liked to several types of cancer.

6.  In both animal and human experiments, dairy protein has been shown to contribute to increased cholesterol levels, and in human experiments, to atherosclerosis.

7.  In experimental studies, casein (the primary protein in milk) has been shown to promote cancer initiated by a carcinogen.

8. As noted above, D-galactose has been proven pro-inflammatory, and accelerates aging in animal models.

9. Higher milk consumption is linked to acne.

10. Milk consumption has been implicated to ear infections and constipation.

11. Milk is the most commonly self-reported food allergen anywhere in the world.

12. Because of lactose intolerance, much of the global population cannot properly digest milk.

Scientists, and the population at large, are beginning to regard cows’ milk in a different light, as a lactation fluid designed by nature to nourish and rapidly increase the growth of calves. Our previous view of milk as protection against bone fractures in human beings has been proven inaccurate, although the benefits of cheese and yogurt continue to shine. Instead, we are seeing milk as a source of numerous problems, and problematic in terms of human consumption.



  1. Is it the “Dairy” as much as the RBGh, the homogenization, pasteurization, the ‘Low-Fat-icization’ … aka SKIM Milk etc?

    I’m just asking much the same way Robyn O’Brien has rightly asked in the face of big Agri-Biz multinationals downloading the burden of proof (of harm) onto end users: “Are we allergic to food or what’s been done to it?” Really? Me prove harm? I’m just trying to feed my kids man, no, how about until you prove safety I’ll keep spending my dollars on organic. Bigtime Agri-Biz has created their own worst nightmare in ‘Organic’; organic is relevant because of all that it is not! You don’t deserve my trust. Puss and antibiotics in milk because of your factory farming conglomerates and economies of scale. Barf!

    Why does the Agri-biz police state clamp down on RAW Milk anyways? Is raw milk more dangerous than Malt Liquor? Really why? Don’t give me that health crap. That’s about as believable as the rhetoric around why the US fights abroad … “to defend freedom*” *You mean, to “defend freedom”, WHERE there are national energy policy interests right? No oil or strategic interests? No issues, nothing to see here.

    The RAW Milk gestapo crack-down is about the same thing(s) as is garbage fast food lunch programs, subsidized GMO corn, wheat and soy, is about the same thing as overtly regulating and demonizing natural health modalities … it’s about handing the keys over to our corporate friends Carte blanche. They do what they’re designed to do, deliver yield, ROI and protect jobs, even if the jobs and structures they protect are riddled with backwards thinking, obsolescence and a suicidal disingenuousness.

    Can’t you see when the health of your Nation’s children has been commodified and sold? Don’t the projected outcomes for longevity amongst your fat, autistic, allergic, drugged, lab rat kids compel you to stop the insane race to cheaper and call you to look for better? Better food, not cheaper … better. You get what you pay for.

    What kind of “Dairy” are we talking about here? That is at least part of the question.

    • If it has anything to do with a cow don’t eat it or drink it. Raw, skim, whole if it has the casein protein don’t put it in your mouth. The casein protein is one the leading cases of liver tumors.

      • Yes raw milk is the best..if it’s fermented into organic yogart or kefir its actually good for you but you are correct many studies are now pointing to a pattern. Cows milk takes a human up to 24 hours to digest. We drink raw goat milk sometimes instead which humans digest in about 20 minutes vs the 24 hours..we mostly use for cooking & then we use coconut milk more often now 😉

  2. This is why we breed dairy goats and drink their milk raw. My nephew cannot drink pateurized cow milk but can drink raw goat milk with no issues. There is a huge difference in digestibility, due to the difference in the size of fat molecules.

  3. I don’t see a much science here, just a lot of anecdotal “evidence”. I think I will continue to enjoy my favorite breakfast beverage.

  4. Are these the same type of scientists that try to convince us of global warming? Sorry, not buying it…a balance diet, including milk is absolutely okay…moderation is the key. I think scientists need to focus on things that are more important. Speaking of milk…how about all those cookies dipped in milk? Uh oh…time for the cookie study….millions of dollars later…? Its always about money isn’t it?

  5. Goat milk is better, but some of us are smart enough to see through your lies. Its the crap you put in milk like everything else that is bad. I drink whole milk, it cures or helps allergies and helps prevent cancer. You lie and many of us have learned that what Politicians , Doctors , Scientist , anyone under the control of our Government in any way and what our Government says is the opposite of the truth, and its all about money. You regulate our food supplies near pure poison with GMOs other countries wont even allow in there countries, then try to warn us off milk. Doctors and the Meds you push on us kill over a million and a half a year compared to less then 400 gun deaths. Your part of the most evil group of criminals on the planet, tell your lies to someone else! I grew up milking cows by hand, drank 1 to 2 gal. of milk a day most of my life. Have the densest, strongest bones Doctors have ever seen. 56 and have never had a broken bone. Got a load of steel dropped on me at work and got a ruptured disk that really screwed me up, but never a broken bone. And the bad back problems I have from that were caused by company criminal Doctors who sent me back to work and gave me treatment for muscles making it all worse for 2 years before a specialist told me the Doctors in Brookings SD. had ruined my life out of pure stupidity in never taking a MRI that should have been the first thing they did. So peddle your Malpractice else where.

  6. I too call BS on this article! Once again, an article with no supporting references — “linked”, “implicated”, “self-reported” are far from critical, scientific data terms to support the writer’s claims of today’s spin-doctors and a media drunk on catering to the “feel good” generation. I was raised on milk from our Guernsey dairy heard — Dad is nearing 91, Mom 87, I’m 60 and my wife and I currently have a week’s supply, 5 gallons, in the fridge… AND without the so called problems with drinking milk noted here.